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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Linkedin Really sucks !

Can't quite say I'm really ready to leave the site but it's pretty frustrating. Just an online resume really, it attempts to be more and I can see some potential but the results have not really shown up for me. There are Lots of recruiters there with 500+ contacts - I guess something must be working for them. Ultimately, I don't feel all that motivated to get more contacts when the 74 I have haven't done much for me. I have had a little exposure I guess and a few interesting convo's but no real business opportunities.

I'll keep trying, maybe just as a Social Media experiment to see what building a large number of contacts can do for me. Then again I've already joined groups there with many members soo, maybe not. Grrr.
Other than FB, the benefits of sm are pretty confusing, at least I can link most of them together that way if I update my LI account it shows up as a tweet (another dubious service :p).


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