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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Overrated Movies that actually Suck !!

Guardians of the Galaxy -- So Boooring
Dark Knight Trilogy  -- Uggghhhh
John Wick…
Star Wars ??
Bourne Trilogy ??

Under appreciated Movies
Green Lantern
John Carter
47 Ronin - - I see only samurai here !
Punisher Warzone ( Recently rewatched )

   After the 3rd time watching John Carter I've decided it's not so bad after all (better than the novels even ?).  It seemed like it lost its plot first time I watched it but after comparing it to star wars lately, it seems better somehow, and most star wars movies are ok ? but also kinda boring/childish (I just finally watched all the movies lolz ). 
  GL was a movie probably misunderstood by nonfans and over budgeted etc etc.  Parallax was pretty cool I really wished there was a part 2.  47 R is a very sad/depressing story but it was pretty fun till the end.
 There!! Had to get that off my chest, the “great” movies far above have been like a sore tooth to me ;).  Take that!

P.S - I've only watched Bourne Legacy through (which I rather liked).  I've never been able to really get into the original trilogy even with all the hype.  Is Renner just better ??
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