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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Overrated Movies that actually Suck !!

Guardians of the Galaxy -- So Boooring
Dark Knight Trilogy  -- Uggghhhh
John Wick…
Star Wars ??
Bourne Trilogy ??
Wonder woman...meh

Under appreciated Movies

Green Lantern
John Carter
47 Ronin - - I see only samurai here !
Punisher Warzone ( Recently rewatched )
Jonah Hex ( just watched in 2018)

After the 3rd time watching John Carter I've decided it's not so bad after all (better than the novels even ?).  It seemed like it lost its plot first time I watched it but after comparing it to star wars lately, it seems better somehow, and most star wars movies are ok ? but also kinda boring/childish (I just finally watched all the movies lolz ). 

  GL was a movie probably misunderstood by nonfans and over budgeted etc etc.  Parallax was pretty cool I really wished there was a part 2.  47 R is a very sad/depressing story but it was pretty fun till the end.
 There!! Had to get that off my chest, the “great” movies far above have been like a sore tooth to me ;).  Take that!

P.S - I've only watched Bourne Legacy through (which I rather liked).  I've never been able to really get into the original trilogy even with all the hype.  Is Renner just better ?

2018 update

Hex is such a good movie, way underrated and the new star wars 2017 is the best one yet


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