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Thursday, July 08, 2010

iPhone Security and products like the iSecure Mobi App.

The iPhone 4 is out and like previous versions it’s creating lots of buzz with most of it being positive. What protection do consumers have though if they lose their iPhone and it is found by someone with less than honorable intentions ? Software products like the iSecure Mobi App available on iTunes for $4.99 claim to provide advanced security and filing for data, music, contacts, images, storage and much more. iSecure Mobi lists features like Dept of Defense AES 256 encryption, calendar, storage categories and files, backup, browsing support, mulitple user accounts, easy logon buttons and data self destruct after multple failed login attempts. The obvious advantage of apps like iSecure are that they can provide a layer of protection if you lose your iPhone or are a victim of a hacking attempt.

One likable feature of the iSecure is the simple logon process and the on screen buttons button as shown in the image at the far bottom. Since it seems numerous lawsuits, investigations and corporate probes these days are based on digital information found on cell phones, computers and other devices, cheap apps like the iSercure Mobi look like a good buy, especially if you have private, sensitive or corporate data on your iPhone. Furthermore, if you ever need it, iSecure offers the option to create and logon to different accounts on iSecure to store different sets of data and save your favorites.

It is generally accepted that previous version of the Apple iPhone could use some improvement on its data encryption and security. Until that time, cheap, easy secure logon apps like iSecure will probably be the best way to secure your iPhone data and prevent it from falling in the wrong hands.

iSecure Mobi - iPhone App


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