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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Online Biometric Security using products like Ardeun Authenticator.

Biometric Security is the use of human features like voice, facial recognition, retina scan and fingerprints to verify the identity of a user instead of typing passwords. The technology has been around for many years but suprisingly is now available for use on the web and ecommerce thanks to products like the Ardeun Authenticator. Ardeun Authenticator allows members of a website or network to login using various Biometric devices like finger scanners, web cams, microphones, thumb print mouses and Geoplot (TM) a feature for users who don’t have these Biometric devices. Biometric authentication is used regularly by the government but can now offer the same security for ecommerce and many other industries by applying simple ASP or PHP code snippets to an existing site or computer.

Ardeun decribes their product as the safest and easiest online biometric product and far superior to password protected sites with 256 bit encryption on all it’s offered devices and software. Most of Ardeun’s products are offered as software as a service (SaaS) in the Cloud. Once the code snippet is added to a site and a biometric device is scanned, the Ardeun Monitor server remotely verifies identity and allows or refuses access to the user. One advantage of biometric authentication is that it can also require multiple layers of identification before access which can be a good thing, digital/web crime is a long term problem with more and more sophisticated methods appearing daily. Biometric products like Ardeun leave very little or no room for error in identity verification.

Basically with a good microphone or web cam you can actually set up your own biometric Ardeun login for your web store or site. The Ardeun site also offers a full list of specialized Ardeun devices like fingerprint smart card readers, microphones and Biometric software like the iWallet IE plugin that saves your passwords and works with their various devices. With this sort of simple commercial platform, biometric security is definitely starting to look like a viable future approach to secure identity verification.


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